Take trains ad rides

To places unknown

And watch the scenes

go by

Walk roads in day


And think of the reasons


Travel a path

of uncharted land

and set yourself


After all,

like they say

“Fais de ta vie un rêve,

et d’un rêve,une réalité.”

“Make your life a dream,and a dream

a reality”


Childhood Memories

The ghosts of our past that always haunt us,

Challenges that constantly taunt us

Memories which never last

Times which go by so fast

Moments that freeze in time,

Lines that never seem to rhyme

Bright clouds which never thunder

Minds which never stop to wonder

Windows with a gruesome view,

Friendships that aren’t right for you

Small impressions that last forever,

People with no want or endeavour

Lessons which drive you ahead

Words you wish you never said

A list of regrets that never end,however

The memories of childhood last forever

Silver Linings

‘Too many people miss the silver lining, because they’re expecting gold’

-Maurice Setter


Every difficult situation in life has a reason behind it, and a more hopeful aspect.There is always a light at the end of a tunnel; just as there are good days behind every bad one. In hate, love can be found. People are often misunderstood, because we expect perfection from them. When we stop expecting people to be perfect, we can like them for who they are. ’Sometimes it’s the people who no one imagines of who do the things no one can imagine’. It’s the imperfections of life that lead to happiness.We should not lose heart in hard times,because just as we are about to quit,victory reveals itself. The thick clouds of sorrow and disappointed hopes obscure  our vision,and the storm may toss us around,scare us,soak us to the bone,but it will not last forever. But if we look at the clouds carefully,we can see the edges are tinted with rays of hope. As time passes, the sky will clear,the storm will fade,and a radiant rainbow of prosperity will come shining through. Happiness always lurks behind the darkest hour. Whenever there is darkness, bright light will be nearby. We are often busy looking for a perfect outcome and we miss all the smaller, wonderful outcomes that come along the way. Our expectations drive our perceptions of life. We set up high expectations, but we is just setting ourselves for a disappointment.There’s no harm in dreaming big, but watch out for the small things in bad times.They’re the ones that help the most!

silver linings


valerie-inertie+2A first step,

A big leap,

All the practise,





Put into

One performance


The hateful fear

Of not achieving

Your goal,


Not meeting the


Puts you,

In a place

Where you can’t think,

Or feel


But you know,

That with every step you take,

You are moving

With grace,

And beauty


War of Two Sides

warI rode across the battlefield,

For cannons volleyed past

And cries of pain, they echoed with

Grieving words of men-their last

Gunshots sounded through the land

And voices roared together

As the bravest of men, they charged into war

As I rode on forever


Bodies, supported by only the force of duty

They fell, and then were passed

Into those spheres where spirited souls meet

Regardless of earthly roles they complete

of whatever creed or caste


And as I rode, a thought came to me

Lives are lost, in wars of violence, however

I had a responsibility, that I fulfilled

As I rode on forever