The True Definition of Music



Childhood memories floating in your mind

Cures for sadness,healing for pain

The words of a song,spinning around you,

impaling daggers in your heart,

letting the sentiment pour out.

An escape from the reality you’re living in,

Escape from problems,sadness,and the truth.

The only thing that stays,

When everything and everyone else is gone.

The passion and love you put into a piece

A track replaying in the back of your mind,

Reminding you of a certain time.

Music isn’t about playing what’s put in front of you

It’s the voice of your soul,

the beat of your heart,

the breath in your lungs,

the movement in your arms,

Your very existence itself.

As said,

When words fail,

music speaks.


Island in the Sea

It’s been too long beneath this tree

Too long for lovers to live apart

Too long his face I yearn to see

Yet his memory lives in my heart

I grieve another day on this island in the sea.

The King of Lanka stole from me

Stole my freedom in disguise

Stole me away so I might agree

To a marriage I would despise

I fear another day on this island in the sea

I hold to the hope in my heart

Hope that he will search for me

Hope that we aren’t torn apart

By the cruel hand of destiny   

I hope no other day on this island in the sea.