The Glass Half Empty

Negativity and downfall,

Glass half empty

Progress and success,

Glass half full.

It’s almost as simple as that.

Life is a glass.

The water? Your thoughts.

Your satisfaction,your goals

The glass is empty.

Pour in the water,and leave it there.

You? you are happy.Everything is going as it should

But then again,the world doesn’t revolve around you,does it?

Nothing is perfect

Life,is most definitely not perfect.

Life is made of choices.

At some point of time,you tend to get thirsty.

It’s not a flaw,no its not.

It’s a very natural instinct,taking action when your spirits run low.

Water is now drunk.

What does that mean?


Good things,they are.

Mistakes give you an opportunity to learn what no one else will teach you.

You get to experience it firsthand,and eventually,you’ll learn to never repeat the mistake

So can that count as a flaw?

It depends on the situation.

Look at the bigger picture,

Your whole life is a glass of water.

You,are the one who gets to choose when to take action.

So is the glass half empty or half full?

Almost simple,I said

That’s up to you.


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