Appearance doesn’t matter,said she,

A person is truly not what you see

Attitude,heart,a soul and mind ,

Qualities that leave wealth behind

Innocence,beauty,and being natural inside,

A mind full of thoughts with nothing to hide

A personality of kindness,courage and heart,

Carries bonds of benevolence that cannot fall apart

These are qualities in people we see everyday,

In judgement,we often get carried away

She said ‘I can confidently say,without any doubt,

That we all have a history which we think about?

Of us judging and shaping people’s lives,

We put their emotions and feelings aside.

A loud murmur arose from the crowd,

Everyone agreed,it couldn’t be allowed

And when they went back,on their ride home

The feeling of guilt wouldn’t leave them alone

And that day,they did discover

To never judge a book by its cover


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