I gasped

And looked around

The room? Blurry


I was lying down

On a table or bed of some sort

Two metal rods ran parallel on

Either side of the bed

My clothes felt light

Hospital robes

I was in an operating room

There was nobody there

Just me

And the tools that cut me open

No sign of life.

I slowly arose my

Legs still on the table


The floor was cold

I stumbled to the door

And dragged my foot

It was dead weight

The light behind the door


More surgical tables

A corridor

A reception desk

I was still standing at the door

Not knowing what to do


I took a left

Another door

I opened it

Ah,the main room

Where the patients entered

And exited

There was a staircase

And there were people

Familiar people

I saw the loved ones

I saw the hurt ones

And thats all I saw

I asked why I was here

They told me I was dead

They told me this was afterlife

I looked around


A hospital isn’t a suitable place

I prayed

I believed I wasn’t dead

There were people

With Hope

Who were waiting for me

I was sitting in the chasm of Death

I sat down

My back against the wall

And then He spoke

Take a chance,He said

Take a chance while you have one

A moment with your beloved is all you will get,

If you stay here

I did not know who He was,

But I trusted him

I was going to thank Him

He had disappeared

I sat in silence,not knowing what to do

Then the ground trembled


Thats why I was here

An earthquake

The tables shook


The floor caved in

I fell

The pit was deep

But the pit was never there


Then light

I opened my eyes

I was alive.


2 thoughts on “Afterlife

    • Thank you! 🙂
      It’s both a mixture of sad,and hopeful.In the beginning the situation is hopeless and sad,but towards the end there is hope and a way out.It also represents the problems in life,no matter how bad it is there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.


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