Flowers of the same garden

All of us,we are flowers of  one garden

Different in shapes,sizes and colours

We are wealthy, or poor

Tall,short,fat or thin

But what difference does it make?

Are we not born on the same earthen soil?

Do we not bathe in the moonlight of one moon,

Or bask under one sun

We are brought up the same way,

Personalities are to be different

Our attitude is different

But think of the similarities

We all are living beings

We all have feelings,so why hurt them?

Why is wealth more important than kinds of heart?

Why has appearance changed quality?

The flower might be dry,worn down,and dirty,

But inside,it might mean a lot to someone

We have sprouted out of a seed,of both good and evil,

The struggle of the better one will remain relentless,

Neither one can live without another,

But that is no reason to reflect it on one another

After all,we are the same people

It may not be from the outside,or on the inside either,

After all,at the end of the day

We are players of the same game,

Humans of the same earth

And flowers of the same garden.flowerz


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