Take trains ad rides

To places unknown

And watch the scenes

go by

Walk roads in day


And think of the reasons


Travel a path

of uncharted land

and set yourself


After all,

like they say

“Fais de ta vie un rêve,

et d’un rêve,une réalité.”

“Make your life a dream,and a dream

a reality”


The True Definition of Music



Childhood memories floating in your mind

Cures for sadness,healing for pain

The words of a song,spinning around you,

impaling daggers in your heart,

letting the sentiment pour out.

An escape from the reality you’re living in,

Escape from problems,sadness,and the truth.

The only thing that stays,

When everything and everyone else is gone.

The passion and love you put into a piece

A track replaying in the back of your mind,

Reminding you of a certain time.

Music isn’t about playing what’s put in front of you

It’s the voice of your soul,

the beat of your heart,

the breath in your lungs,

the movement in your arms,

Your very existence itself.

As said,

When words fail,

music speaks.

Island in the Sea

It’s been too long beneath this tree

Too long for lovers to live apart

Too long his face I yearn to see

Yet his memory lives in my heart

I grieve another day on this island in the sea.

The King of Lanka stole from me

Stole my freedom in disguise

Stole me away so I might agree

To a marriage I would despise

I fear another day on this island in the sea

I hold to the hope in my heart

Hope that he will search for me

Hope that we aren’t torn apart

By the cruel hand of destiny   

I hope no other day on this island in the sea.

The Glass Half Empty

Negativity and downfall,

Glass half empty

Progress and success,

Glass half full.

It’s almost as simple as that.

Life is a glass.

The water? Your thoughts.

Your satisfaction,your goals

The glass is empty.

Pour in the water,and leave it there.

You? you are happy.Everything is going as it should

But then again,the world doesn’t revolve around you,does it?

Nothing is perfect

Life,is most definitely not perfect.

Life is made of choices.

At some point of time,you tend to get thirsty.

It’s not a flaw,no its not.

It’s a very natural instinct,taking action when your spirits run low.

Water is now drunk.

What does that mean?


Good things,they are.

Mistakes give you an opportunity to learn what no one else will teach you.

You get to experience it firsthand,and eventually,you’ll learn to never repeat the mistake

So can that count as a flaw?

It depends on the situation.

Look at the bigger picture,

Your whole life is a glass of water.

You,are the one who gets to choose when to take action.

So is the glass half empty or half full?

Almost simple,I said

That’s up to you.



Appearance doesn’t matter,said she,

A person is truly not what you see

Attitude,heart,a soul and mind ,

Qualities that leave wealth behind

Innocence,beauty,and being natural inside,

A mind full of thoughts with nothing to hide

A personality of kindness,courage and heart,

Carries bonds of benevolence that cannot fall apart

These are qualities in people we see everyday,

In judgement,we often get carried away

She said ‘I can confidently say,without any doubt,

That we all have a history which we think about?

Of us judging and shaping people’s lives,

We put their emotions and feelings aside.

A loud murmur arose from the crowd,

Everyone agreed,it couldn’t be allowed

And when they went back,on their ride home

The feeling of guilt wouldn’t leave them alone

And that day,they did discover

To never judge a book by its cover



I gasped

And looked around

The room? Blurry


I was lying down

On a table or bed of some sort

Two metal rods ran parallel on

Either side of the bed

My clothes felt light

Hospital robes

I was in an operating room

There was nobody there

Just me

And the tools that cut me open

No sign of life.

I slowly arose my

Legs still on the table


The floor was cold

I stumbled to the door

And dragged my foot

It was dead weight

The light behind the door


More surgical tables

A corridor

A reception desk

I was still standing at the door

Not knowing what to do


I took a left

Another door

I opened it

Ah,the main room

Where the patients entered

And exited

There was a staircase

And there were people

Familiar people

I saw the loved ones

I saw the hurt ones

And thats all I saw

I asked why I was here

They told me I was dead

They told me this was afterlife

I looked around


A hospital isn’t a suitable place

I prayed

I believed I wasn’t dead

There were people

With Hope

Who were waiting for me

I was sitting in the chasm of Death

I sat down

My back against the wall

And then He spoke

Take a chance,He said

Take a chance while you have one

A moment with your beloved is all you will get,

If you stay here

I did not know who He was,

But I trusted him

I was going to thank Him

He had disappeared

I sat in silence,not knowing what to do

Then the ground trembled


Thats why I was here

An earthquake

The tables shook


The floor caved in

I fell

The pit was deep

But the pit was never there


Then light

I opened my eyes

I was alive.

Childhood Memories

The ghosts of our past that always haunt us,

Challenges that constantly taunt us

Memories which never last

Times which go by so fast

Moments that freeze in time,

Lines that never seem to rhyme

Bright clouds which never thunder

Minds which never stop to wonder

Windows with a gruesome view,

Friendships that aren’t right for you

Small impressions that last forever,

People with no want or endeavour

Lessons which drive you ahead

Words you wish you never said

A list of regrets that never end,however

The memories of childhood last forever